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20 Years Later… They Still Do!

Updated: Feb 15

Who would not love to celebrate their anniversary in the same venue where they tied the knot?

This lovely couple, Devida and Anthony, had their wedding at our estate 20 years ago and are now back to say “I Do” for their anniversary! They originally came to visit the space shortly after reopening but changed their mind right after they walked through the door. As they came for what seemed to be a reminiscence of their special day, they decided to recreate their event and relive their celebration. Once again, they have said yes to our beautiful venue.  

Our venue has strong sentimental value for many guests because of its enchanting history! Beau Chateau isn’t just a space for you to host your event. It is a mesmerizing estate that is here to create memories you will be fond of for years to come. Beau Chateau is here for you to be able to come 20 years later and still get the chills from your special day. We are very excited to host such a special milestone for them this 2024! 


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